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Grammy Nominated
When the Soul is Settled:
Music of Iraq

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

 Taqasim Maqam Ajam
- Taqasim Maqam Mukhalif
- Taqasim Maqam Segah
- Taqasim Maqam Kurd
- Taqasim Maqam Bayyat-Hussaini
- Taqasim Maqam Hijaz
- Taqasim Maqam Lami
- Taqasim Maqam Sharqi Rast
- Taqasim Maqam Saba

“Alhaj's spontaneous inventions are constantly fascinating — a convincing affirmation of the rich culture of an embattled area of the world." Los Angeles Time

- “The oud sounds like god breathing life into clay.”- John Darnielle

- “When The Soul is Settled: Music of Iraq.” This virtuoso plays the oud, a stringed instrument similar to lute. His mastery shins clearly, even to those new in Middle Eastern music. Daily press, Austin, TX

- His oriental melodies are somewhat austere, but the stunning virtuosity and profound emotion are balanced with the finest judgment. Nigel Williamson, The Times (UK)

- Rahim Alhaj's dramatic and virtuosic playing of the oud , quite solo and improvisatory. At the end it becomes a catchy rhythmic instrumental duo rendition of a song. Kris Drever, The Weekend Planet, ABC Radio National (Australia)

- Alhaj’s abilities on the oud can be mesmerizing, especially when layered against percussionist Soihail Kaspar’s tabla. The Arizona Daily Star

- The music is refined, intimate and full of beautiful turns of phrase which inevitably sound nostalgic. Simon Broughton

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